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Investment Advisory

Having a solid investment strategy is important for you and your future.

Our investment advisory process utilizes a wide variety of financial products and services with a focus on cost efficient portfolios, asset distribution, and wealth preservation.

As fiduciaries, we always make recommendations, choose products, and implement solutions based solely on what we think is best for the client, providing objective advice and acting in our clients’ best interests 100% of the time.

Three Sixty develops customized wealth plans unique to each client through our WEALTHPRINT process. The WEALTHPRINT framework is designed to expertly blend the art of your life and the science of our proprietary process in order to deliver your plan in a meaningful way.

Here’s how it works, in a nutshell:

Establish an Investment Strategy

Three Sixty Wealth, in connection with the client, will develop a strategy that seeks to achieve the client’s goals and objectives.

Determine Asset Allocation

Three Sixty Wealth will develop a strategic asset allocation that is targeted to meet the investment objectives, time horizon, financial situation and tolerance for risk for each client. 

Construct Your Portfolio

Three Sixty Wealth will develop a portfolio for the client that is intended to meet the stated goals and objectives of the client.

Provide Investment Management and Supervision

Three Sixty Wealth will provide investment management and ongoing oversight of the client’s investment portfolio.

Additional details are provided below:

At no time will Three Sixty accept or maintain custody of a client’s funds or securities, except for the limited authority as outlined in Item 15 – Custody, on our Form ADV Part 2A – Disclosure Brochure. All client assets will be managed within the designated account[s] at the Custodian, pursuant to the terms of the advisory agreement. 

Three Sixty Wealth Management LLC is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor, located in the State of Illinois. We provide investment advisory and related services for clients nationally. We serve as a fiduciary to clients, as defined under the applicable laws and regulations. As a fiduciary, we uphold a duty of loyalty, fairness and good faith towards each client and seek to mitigate potential conflicts of interest. 

We provide customized investment management services as a component of our wealth management service. This is achieved through continuous personal client contact and interaction while providing discretionary investment management and related advisory services.  

We work closely with each client to identify their investment goals and objectives as well as risk tolerance and financial situation in order to create a portfolio strategy. We then construct an investment portfolio, consisting of low-cost, diversified mutual funds and/or exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”) to achieve the client’s investment goals. We may also utilize individual stocks and/or bonds to meet the needs of our clients. We may retain certain legacy investments based on portfolio fit and/or tax considerations.

Our investment strategies are primarily long-term focused, but we may buy, sell or re-allocate positions that have been held for less than one year to meet the objectives of the client or due to market conditions.

We will construct, implement and monitor the portfolio to ensure it meets the goals, objectives, circumstances, and risk tolerance agreed to by the client. Each client will have the opportunity to place reasonable restrictions on the types of investments to be held in their respective portfolio, subject to acceptance by Three Sixty. 

Three Sixty evaluates and selects investments for inclusion in client portfolios only after applying its internal due diligence process. We may recommend, on occasion, redistributing investment allocations to diversify the portfolio and may recommend specific positions to increase sector or asset class weightings. We may recommend employing cash positions as a possible hedge against market movement or could recommend selling positions for reasons that include, but are not limited to, harvesting capital gains or losses, business or sector risk exposure to a specific security or class of securities, overvaluation or overweighting of the position[s] in the portfolio, change in risk tolerance of the client, generating cash to meet client needs, or any risk deemed unacceptable for the client’s risk tolerance.